If you have questions that aren't included below, please get in touch with our events team to discuss.

Can I provisionally hold a date for my event?

Once you have made an enquiry, we will allocate your proposed booking against your chosen date, however we cannot fully confirm the booking until full room hire payment has been received. We will always do our best to hold your desired date for your venue booking however. Should we receive interest in your date, we will do our best to let you know in good time so to keep you in the loop. Please contact the events team to discuss in greater detail how to secure your booking.

Do you offer corkage?

As we operate out of fully licensed premises, we do not allow clients to bring their own alcohol and as such, do not offer corkage as an option. If there is a particular drink that you would like for your event, we can arrange for this to be pre-ordered for you. If this is of interest, please discuss this option with your event planner and they will provide you with a tailored quote. We ask that you submit your pre-order no later than 10 days prior to your event.

Can I design my own menu?

Yes, we invite you to work with your event planner to design your own menu. Your event planner will liaise with our chefs and put forward your ideas to be worked on. Please note that we will only consider this once room hire has been paid and in turn your event is confirmed.

How does the ordering process work for a sit down meal?

If you have opted for a sit down meal but don't want to arrange a seating plan, we must ask for you to choose a set menu across each course for all your guests to enjoy. We will still be able to accommodate any dietary requirements that you may have. To ensure smooth and efficient service, we suggest working with us on a seating plan and pre-order at least 10 working days prior to your event, to provide your guests with the various menu choices that we offer. If you need help with this, please make sure to speak to your event planner who will help facilitate this.

Can I decorate the venue in advance of my event?

We are unable to grant access to the space prior to your event, however your event planner can arrange for the delivery of all decorations to the venue and set up by members of our events team. A fee for this service will apply dependent on set-up time incurred.

Can I request that the venues current exhibition be taken down?

Exhibitions are subjective in nature and it is possible that they may not be fitting of your event, or not to everyone's taste. We see them as a way of bringing our galleries to life but fully understand that they may not lend themselves to certain events. With this in mind, we can arrange to take down an exhibition in your chosen venue and a small service charge will apply. Please discuss this with your event planner if applicable.

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